Cars exert a genuine fascination for all those for whom driving rhymes with pleasure, whether they are enthusiasts or simple admirers. PGO Automobiles, last French manufacturer of small production cars, has decided to make them accessible.

Beyond the beautiful adventure that is the creation and development of the PGO brand, our main goal is to meet our clients’ desires.

Elegance and fineness are the values that define our exclusive and fascinating cars like the roadster and the “coupe”.

Balancing between vintage and modernity, fitted with modern and brilliant engineering, the composite body adopts flowing shapes.

A body all in curves equips the Speedster II, the Cevennes as well as the Hemera, with the assurance and distinction of a piece of haute couture.

For over 10 years, there has not been a year without PGO Automobiles taking on new challenges, with the one aim of satisfying its clients.